Antique Letterpress Machinery

New to Alderson & Co...........


Antique Letterpress Machinery has always been something very close to our hearts on a personal and professional level. With a wealth of knowledge behind us for many of the manufacturers and models for machines built in the 19th Century. These machines have been becoming more popular in recent times with collectors, enthusiasts, artist and of course printers many of whom purchase these machines for ornamental purposes in a reception or board room but others who buy these machines for what they were built for, Printing!


At Alderson & Co we can source these machines for all purposes. If not from Stock we WILL hunt them down! Once we have secured the machine you require we can do one of 3 things.


Purely Sales:

The simplest of the 3, we will find the machine that you desire, collect it from source and deliver and build to a destination of choice


Showroom Restoration:

What is says on the tin, once we have the machine you desire we will take it to our factory fully dismantle, clean, polish, repaint, transport to the desired location and rebuild ready for people to see.


What they were designed to do, PRINT:

Unfortunately something that most of these machines will never do but what they were designed and built for. Once the machine has been sourced it goes into our workshop, striped, cleaned. polished and repainted and then rebuilt and set up ready to print. The machines can be supplied with a range of printing type and composition materials ready to receive the ink and paper. We can then deliver install and demonstrate just how to operate these machines.


Please watch this space for our range of machinery for sale which includes the following. Albion's, Columbian's, Imperial's, Britannia’s, Adana's and Arab Platens to name but a few.